Our Parish & Location

St John's Catholic Parish, Kilkenny,
is one of the forty two parishes of the Diocese of Ossory.

It consists of a city area and two rural areas, Dunmore and Johnswell, each with its own church.

The main church, St John’s, is situated opposite MacDonagh Shopping Centre and the Railway Station on the Dublin Road (N77).




Ossory Vocatios

Patient endurance will see you through to the end.  God will give you the wisdom and the words to speak. What is holding you back from a wholehearted “yes”? (Luke 21:5-19)

If you think God is calling you to priesthood, call Fr. Kieran O'Shea, Ossory Vocations Director. ossoryvocdir@gmail.com. 

“Two Lives,
One Love”

Submission to the
Citizens’ Assembly
by the
Irish Catholic Bishops

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(Pray this prayer as we await a new Bishop for our Diocese)

Loving Father,
Our Diocese is alive with those who care for others in the service of the Gospel;
so many offer themselves, their talents and their time in Ossory.

Our parishes are places of welcome for all;
our schools, communities, groups and homes, work to bring the Christian message of hope alive so that it is felt by those who need it most.

  • Bless our parishes where we live, work and celebrate faith.
  • Bless our homes where faith is first taught.
  • Bless our schools where youn gpeople learn to grow as you
    intended them.
  • Bless all who care for the sick and those in need, bringing hope and healing to the lives of so many of our brothers and sisters.
  • Bless all those entrusted with the task of ministering to your people as parents, teachers, priests, religious, members of pastoral councils and many other community groups.
As we await a new Bishop we pray that you will help find for us a man to lead with vision for our future, understanding for our present and compassion for our past. 
Until then, may we work actively together to continue to realise not only your desire for us but also for your kingdom.

We ask this through the intercession of St Kieran and through Christ our Lord. Amen.



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Vocations - There is no room for fear!

In his message for World Day of Prayer for Vocations 2017 Led by the Spirit for Mission Pope Francis states: "Even if at times we are con- scious of our weaknesses and tempted to discouragement, we need to turn to God with confidence. We must overcome a sense of our own inadequacy and not yield to pessimism, which merely turns us into pas- sive spectators of a dreary and monotonous life. There is no room for fear!"

Vocations Sunday (last Sunday) is an occasion when we turn to God with confidence and hope. It is an opportunity to celebrate and give thanks for our own Vocation which has its origin in Christ, in family and faith community.

At present we have one Seminarian in Maynooth who in a few weeks’ time will have completed his first year of formation. He is, of course, Seán Hickey from our parish here in St John’s. Please continue to pray for him. We also have another candidate who has undertaken a time of discernment & will begin the application process for seminary in the coming days.

Please continue to pray for Vocations throughout the year, but espe- cially at this time around Vocations Sunday. The Kilkenny Novena was taking its course last Sunday, but we focus on Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life this weekend.

We also commend to you the apostolate of St Joseph's Young Priest Soci- ety which is active in our parish. Please pray our diocesan Prayer for Vocations which will be used at vari- ous masses throughout the year. Cop- ies of this prayer in bookmark form will be distributed to parishes very soon.


Prayer For Vocations

Lord Jesus, today you scatter
the seeds of vocaton among us
so that they will take root, grow and bear fruit.

Give to all who feel called to serve in the Church
the courage they need
to take a first step on that journey of discovery
that leads to the path in life you invite them to follow.

Lord, we pray in these days with great urgency
because we need more priests who will work
with their brothers and sisters
in a spirit of co-responsibility for your Church.

We need more priests who will proclaim your word,
celebrate the mysteries of your love,
be witnesses to the joy of the Gospel
and be instruments of your Mercy.

We need priests who will bear testmony
to the dignity of human life,
to the hope that comes from faith,
and to the healing and peace which comes
from your saving Death and Resurrec on.

Send forth your Spirit, O Lord,
so that our young people will work
to build a culture of solidarity, care and respect
from which will emerge
humble shepherds and leaders of your people.






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St John's Presbytery
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Your Reflection This Week


Dare to die and you will live.
Dare to die in order to live to the full!
He (Jesus) said unto those that believe that nothing dies in the realm of God - neither seed, nor drop, nor dust, nor man.
Only the past dies or the present, but the future lives for ever.
And, I'm the future of man,
To me, being and non-being were always one.
I was and never was!

The reason for the joy of Easter is that Christ is risen –
the women who came to the tomb found their joy in this.
They may have found joy also in a beautiful dawn in the garden, or in their friendships, but the joy of Easter is a joy of faith, which nothing need take away.
The joy of the resurrection is a joy in giving the life we have received from God: ‘Life grows by being given away, and it weakens in isolation and comfort. Indeed, those who enjoy life most are those who leave security on the shore and become excited by the mission of communi cating life to others’ (Pope Francis).

The Alleluia is for singing, not for humming; it is to be heard from the voice of the heart, and should lift the hearts of those who hear: ‘Jesus Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia!’
We often see great joy in the middle of huge poverty: often the poor can live for the present moment and enjoy it to the full. Sometimes in the middle of illness we find a peace we don’t know from where it comes. The grace of the risen Jesus can touch our lives at any time.
Let’s not be like Christians ‘whose lives seem like Lent without Easter’ (Pope Francis).
Having lived through the joyful season of Lent, our hearts are wholly lifted now in joy received and joy given.



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