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Our Pre-Baptismal Programme is frequently the first point of contact between parish and new families.

It is widely appreciated by parents and families of newborn children.

Members of the Baptismal Team visit each home before the baptism takes place.

Early booking is advisable as the maximum number of children per baptism is four.

Baptisms take place on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month at 5.00 p.m.,
and also on the 4th Sunday of each month at 1.00 p.m.

A baptism outside these set-times will depend entirely on the availability of a priest.

Baptism Schedule – 2017

Jan 7 (Sat 5pm)
Jan 21 (Sat 5pm)
Jan 22 (Sun 1pm)
Feb 4 (Sat 5pm)
Feb 18 (Sat 5pm)
Feb 26 (Sun 1pm)
March 4 (Sat 5pm)
March 18 (Sat 5pm)
March 26 (Sun 1pm)
April 1 (Sat 5pm)
April 22 (Sat 5pm)
April 23 (Sun 1pm)
May 6 (Sat 5pm)
May 20 (Sat 5pm)
May 28 (Sun 1pm)
June 3 (Sat 5pm)
June 17 (Sat 5pm)
June 25 (Sun 1pm)
July 1 (Sat 5pm)
July 15 (Sat 5pm)
July 23 (Sun 1pm)
Aug 5 (Sat 5pm)
Aug 19 (Sat 5pm)
Aug 27 (Sun 1pm)
Sep 2 (Sat 5pm)
Sept 16 (Sat 5pm)
Sept 24 (Sun 1pm)
Oct 7 (Sat 5pm)
Oct 21 (Sat 5pm)
Oct 22 (Sun 1pm)
Nov 4 (Sat 5pm)
Nov 18 (Sat 5pm)
Nov 26 (Sun 1pm)
Dec 2 (Sat 5pm)
Dec 16 (Sat 5pm)
 Dec 17 (Sun 1pm)

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